At your convenience!

At your convenience!

The charger is a great addition for users who have lots of gadgets to charge and too few power outlets. It’s also a great companion for those who travel a lot and need to charge smartphones and tablets.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to carry around multiple chargers on your travels and it only took 300x250up one power plug socket.

Red Star Tec Global 6 Port USB Travel Wall Charger is a 5 Volt / 6 Amps 6 port USB wall charger with 3 additional international plug connection for Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK making the Red Star Tec USB wall charger a truly Global USB hub.

It provides a rapid charge for cell phone – up to twice the speed of your regular charger depending on how many devices are connected.

With its SMART DETECT Technology, the wall charger will detect how many devices are connected and automatically to adjust to allow the fastest possible charge of the connected devices (USB cables not included with the wall charger) .

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