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Saver’s Choice: 2-n-1 Great Deal!

The best fitting adjustable armband comes with an armband strap extender. It is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note 4, Note 3 and Note 2 Smartphone and large enough to hold most phones with screens up to 5.7″, including the iPhone 6 plus phone.For the 1st time you won’t have to worry if the band is long enough as the Samsung Note 5 armbands comes with an 8″ extension strap worth $ 8.97. If your arms [...]

Turn Up the Music

Earphones fit in the ear canal and form a seal inside your ear, blocking outside noise while piping sound directly into your ears. They're much smaller and lighter than headphones, since they don't need to fit on or over your ears and don't require any outside support (though some have stiff wire sections or flexible fins to keep them in place without getting in the way).Earphones might not be as eye-catching as headphones, but they can be much more [...]

Clicking Made Easier

Red Star Tec PowerPoint (PPT) and Keynote Presentation Remote Clicker is compatible with Mac Book Pro and Mac Book Air as well as PC’s. No wires needed, no pairing needed AND no HASSLES with this wireless PowerPoint presenter and Keynote Remote Clicker.It works with Ipads and Tablets too and with a Red laser pointer the RST PR-819 is perfect for speakers, students, teachers, lecturers when it comes to delivering talks & presentation. It has all the functions you would [...]

Stylish and Hassle Free!

 READY TO TRAVELOur portable speakers are smaller than a smartphone, so they’re incredibly easy to use on the go. The rechargeable battery will last for 2 to 4 hours, depending on the volume, and the high quality aluminum case can stand up to wear and tear to protect the speaker on the go!UNIVERSAL DESIGNThe MusicDrum works as Blue Tooth speakers for the iPhone and iPad as well as Bluetooth speakers Android models. In fact, you can use our wireless [...]

At your convenience!

The charger is a great addition for users who have lots of gadgets to charge and too few power outlets. It's also a great companion for those who travel a lot and need to charge smartphones and tablets.The biggest advantage is that you don't need to carry around multiple chargers on your travels and it only took up one power plug socket.Red Star Tec Global 6 Port USB Travel Wall Charger is a 5 Volt / 6 Amps 6 port [...]

The Best Fitting Adjustable Armband

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle; that’s certain.  And we are in a state of “convenience” while doing our daily exercises (whether extreme or not), if we listen to our fave song, or maybe an upbeat music that pumps up our adrenaline. We use a variety of accessories while exercising in order to keep our stuff safe. Good news! Red Star Tec Running Armband for Iphone 6 & Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best fit for you.It secures your [...]

Hassle No More!

A portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy music on the go. For a hassle-free sound trip, all you need Is Your MusicBox to listen to music from your Smartphone or tablet. No pin required, no messy wires. Just turn on your Bluetooth function on your device and pair it with the MusicBox.MusicBox connects easily to Ipads, Iphones, Androids, and Tablets via Bluetooth. It is effective up to 33 feet away from your device. It has [...]

The Best Fitting Adjustable Armband

Fits Like A GloveThe Iphone 5 slips in and out of the armband easily with no force required. It’s a perfect holder for your Iphone or Ipod and will even fit with slim cases, keeping your Iphone secure and protected while you workout.Unisex & AdjustableWith 2 options of arm size along with a strong Velcro strap, you have an armband that will adjust to your arm size making the AB 701,  the perfect UNISEX armband. Just wrap the band [...]

Tight No More!

Armband feeling a little tight? Not a problem. Here’s an active solution for your active lifestyle.The Red Star Tec Armband Extender is the right choice If you have larger than average biceps, then the armband is for you. It extends the armband length by 8.1” (20.5 cm), giving the whole armband a circumference of about 23 inches.Red Star Tec used lightweight Neoprene for your greater comfort and simply interlocks the Velcro end of your armband around the extender.With this universal [...]

Xmas Giveaway

Xmas Giveaway:10 FREE iPhone 5 Armband We are rewarding 10 lucky winners with our adjustable Armband for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c & iPod 5.The Red Star Tec armband gives you the solutions for just what to do with your iPhone on the trail, at the gym or on the playing field--wear it comfortably on your arm!Unlike other sports armbands on Amazon, our armband for running is constructed out of stretchy, lightweight neoprene. Keep your iPhone safe and within full view, while [...]